Masters in Library Science


A Masters in Library Science is one of the most important requirements to be an academic librarian. People research this degree to reach long-standing career goals in the library. School librarians help teachers and students to develop research skills in this changing informations and technology world.

What a Masters in Library Science Study?

Masters in Library Science

You may be interested in knowing what kind of courses you would take if you study Library Science. Both within schools, colleges, and the local community, libraries play a vital role in education.

They handle an increasing number of materials, including DVDs, CDs, magazines, books and computer tools. Besides learning to manage these resources, librarians must also help students and the public to access and leverage these resources.

Some of the topics in a Masters of Library Science include book preservation, digital preservation, library management. Also studies, children’s literature, cataloging, research methodologies, collections, and file management.

Masters in Library Science Concentrations offered

Many students will have the possibility to focus their studies in a particular field. Although the focus of each program may vary, here are some examples:


School Librarian

The concentration of school librarians helps students acquired skills for teaching children. In this focus, students concentrate on the literature of children and adults.

Academic Librarian

The concentration of academic librarians prepares graduates for work at colleges and universities. With this focus, students will be ready for teaching and help students and faculty members. These librarians will work in research institutions as well.

Public Librarian

The focus of public librarians prepares students for employment in government-organized libraries.
This concentration prepares students to plan literacy programs. Looking to attract adult readers and coordinate library activities and services.

Law Librarian

A concentration of law librarians prepares students to work in the field of law. Incoming law librarians are expected to have a JD or study law to receive their joint degree.


Special Librarian

Special librarians operate outside college, school and public libraries in a variety of environments.
This concentration emphasizes the know-how to work in the library of a museum, corporate library or other particular collection and can include the legal and medical skills of librarians.

Masters in Library Science

Masters in Library Science Jobs and Salaries

According to Payscale, those with a master of library Science earn an average of $21.19 per hour. Below you can find a list of jobs and salaries you can get with this Library Science Degree.

JobAverage Salary
Library Director$63,000
Reference Librarian$49,000
Law Librarian$71,000
Head Librarian$52,000
Academic Librarian$55,000